Who is Colorado Springs
By Luther
November 6, 2011

By Luther Benson

As I thought about blogging on Colorado Springs with it’s rich history and the many things to do and see here I began to think that maybe a more appropriate way to approach the subject was to write about the people that make our town so special.

Like the little lady not even 4’ 10” tall that sells tickets to the Cog Railway that takes us to the top of Pikes Peaks, 14,110 feet above sea level, the very mountain where Katherine Lee Bates wrote the words to “America the ...

Sales up Oct 2011 by 20%
By Luther
November 4, 2011
There are currently 3959active single family listings on the market in the Pikes Peak region compared to 5124 last year in 
Colorful Colorado Springs
By Luther
November 4, 2011

I have lived in Colorado Springs for almost 32 years now and the weather never ceases to amaze me. Monday the weather was warm, in the 60's. By Tuesday evening the weather had turned to blizzard conditions and today it will be back in the 60's.

As I think about why they call it colorful Colorado I can't help but contemplate the beauty of the rapid changes. The lawns are still green for the most part in early November and many trees are still showing there vibrant colors. Then the fluffy white snow blankets the ground and as ...

Halloween 2011
By Luther
October 31, 2011

The weather in Colorado Springs is cooperating this Halloween with highs near 70 deg F. The leaves are still turning and the lawns are still green making it a colorful Colorado day. Be sure to screen your childrens candy for unwrapped or unsealed pieces when they arrive home from the evening of trick or treat fun. Be safe and Happy Halloween from Luther Benson and the staff at Access Real Etate Professionals.

Colorado Springs Listed Among the best markets in 2012
By Luther
October 30, 2011

Rich Laden of the gazette wrote an article in the Colorado Springs Gazett that stated the housing market will stage a turnaround in 2012 and become one of the nation’s best, according to a national forecast by Builder Magazine. According to Builder magazine the Springs ranks No. 7 on Builder’s Top 20 list of healthiest markets the magazine is projecting for next year.