Market Update November 2012, Prices Up
By Luther
December 7, 2012
The number of homes sold was up 14.9% compared to last November. There are currently 3322 active single family listings on the market in the Pikes Peak region compared to 3667 last year in November, which is a 9.4% decrease. New listings on the market were up 13.7%. The average sales price was up 6.3% compared to last November to $231,885. The median single family sales price was up 9.7% in November (same number of homes sold above as below). Last year's median number was $185,000 and this year's November stat was $203,000.  There are currently 330 active condo/townhomes listings on the market compared to 415 last year in November, ...
3.8% Transfer Tax
By Luther
December 10, 2012
Below is a brief article dispelling some of the rumors that have been going around on the internet of a 3.8% transfer tax on all real estate sales. This is NOT a blanket real estate sales tax and will affect very few people. Even though I am not a big fan of the Health Care bill it passed, so I feel that it is important to dispel rumors of a real estate sales tax which could slow the real estate market at a time it is beginning to improve. Now that the Supreme Court has upheld the health care legislation, all ...