Market update January 2012
By Luther
February 4, 2012


Sales were upcompared to last January with an increase of 3%There are currently 3157active single family listings on the market in the Pikes Peak region compared to 4326 last year in December, which is a 27% decreaseNew listings on the market were down by 15.3%. With supplies down and demand up for several months in a row the market is improving.


The median single family sales price was down 4.3% in January 2012. Last year's median number was $180,000 and this year's January stat was $172,500.  The average purchase price was down in January compared to last year by 2.9% to $204,814 from $210,879.
There are currently 360 active condo/townhomes listings on the market compared to 607last year in January, which is a 41% decrease. Sales were up in January by 8.6% compared to Jan2011 and down 18.3% compared to last month. The average purchase price for condo/townhomes was up 1to $130,822 compared to Jan2011 stats.
With demand increases and sale prices low this is a great time to jump into the market. If demand keeps up the prices will begin to rise.