Colorado Springs Market update May 2012
By Luther
June 11, 2012
Colorado Springs real estate took a big leap in May of 2012, posting an increase in sales of 18.6% over May of 2011. Prices were also up, with the average up 9.1% at $232,957 and the median (1/2 above, 1/2 below) up 13.5% at $210,000. Distressed property sales were down to only 13.5% of the market, and the inventory of unsold homes dropped 23.8% to only a 3.9 month supply, the lowestlevel in 12 years.Low interest rates and pent up demand for housing are both contributing to the increase in sales. Colorado Springs unemployment has been over 9% for the last year, currently at 9.2%, but for buyers with jobs, this is a wonderful ...
Heat Wave
By Luther
June 21, 2012
Well is looks like starting tomorrow and into the foerseeable future Colorado Springs will have an average temperature of about 95 deg F.  Make sure you keep yourself and your family members well hydrated and cool. The elderly are especially susceptible to the heat. The upside is we can enjoy the outdoors at the pool or keep cool in any number of ways to include turning up the AC if you have it or keeping the fans going. If you are thinking of buying a home in Colorado Springs of course you can call me and I will tour you ...
Beat the Heat
By Luther
June 26, 2012
Since we have been experiencing some hot weather I thought I would blog about some ideas to beat the heat!   Hang a damp sheet in and open window to cool the incoming breezes. Keep the sun out. The US Dept of Energy says keeping the blinds and curtains closedcan cool the house by 45%. Stay Hydrated. Sip water all day. Don’t gulp it. Fill a bowl with ice and put in front of a fan. Put your sheets in the refrigerator of freezer a little while before bed then putthem on just before bed and cool off. Don&...