Tips for selling your home in Colorado Springs
By Luther
May 9, 2013

Tips for selling your home in Colorado Springs

  1. Understand why you are selling your home.  Your motivation to sell is the determining factor as to how you will approach the sale of your home.  It will affect everything from what you set your asking price at to how much time, money and effort you are willing to invest in order to prepare your home for sale.
  2. Keep the reasons for selling your home to yourself.  By keeping this information personal and private, you will not give the buyer negotiating leverage.  If you are asked why you have decided to sell, simply respond that your housing needs have changed.
  3. Before setting a price, consult with a good listing agent.  As a seller, you will want to get a selling price as close to the list price as possible.  If you start out by pricing too high, you run the risk of not being taken seriously by buyers and having your house sit on the market for a long time.  If you price the home too low, you could be costing yourself thousands of dollars.
  4. Do some home shopping for yourself.  The best way to learn about your competition is to review a competitive market analysis with a good listing agent. Take note not only of the listing prices, but the prices that other comparable homes are actually selling at.
  5. Get an appraisal.  A good appraisal can be a huge benefit in marketing your home.  Getting an appraisal is a good way to let prospective buyers know that your home can be financed.  A word of caution: an appraisal is not a guarantee that your house will sell for that price, and you also may not like the appraisal value you are quoted.
  6. Understand what tax assessments mean.  Some people think that tax assessments are a way of evaluating a home.  The difficulty here is that the assessments are based on a number of criteria that may not be related to property values, so they may not necessarily reflect your home’s true value.
  7. Find a good real estate agent.  Upwards of three quarters of all home sellers say they would not work again with the agent who listed their home.  Usually this is a result of  poor marketing and communication on the part of the agent.  Take the time to locate the agent who is  going to best represent your needs during the transaction.
  8. Ensure that you have room to negotiate.  Before settling on an asking price, make sure you leave yourself enough room to bargain.  Remember, a buyer is more likely to make a full priced offer on a home that is priced right before making a low offer on a home that is priced too high.
  9. Make the appearance of your home count.  Appearance is so critical that you would be unwise to ignore this fact when selling your home.  The look and feel of a home will generate greater emotional response from prospective buyers, more so than any other factor.
  10. Invite the honest opinions of others.  The biggest mistake you can make is to rely solely on your own judgment.  Don’t be shy about seeking the opinions of others.  You must be objective about your home’s  strong and weak points.  Work with a  real estate agent who will give you honest and unbiased opinions about  what should be done to make your home more marketable.
  11. Clean everything, no matter how seemingly insignificant it may seem.  Potential buyers are looking for excuses not to buy your home, and it would be a shame that they went another direction because of a tiny chip in a bathroom counter or some dirty dishes in the kitchen sink.
  12.  Allow potential buyers to visualize themselves in your home.  The last thing you want prospective buyers to think when viewing your home is that they may be intruding in someone else’s life.  Avoid clutter such as too many knickknacks, clothing lying around, or dirty dishes in the sink.  Decorate in neutral colors like white or beige and place a few carefully chosen items to add some warmth or character.
  13. Get rid of all offensive odors.  Odd smells like traces of food, pets, or cigarette smoke can kill a sale quickly.  If potential buyers see a dog or notice you smoking a cigarette or cigar, they’ll start seeing stains or smelling odors, even if they aren’t there.  Don’t leave any clues.
  14. Disclose everything.  Smart sellers are proactive in disclosing all known defects to their buyers in writing.  This will reduce liability and prevent costly lawsuits later on.
  15. The more buyer prospects, the better.  Work closely with your real estate agent to maximize your marketing.  Having several potential buyers can only drive the price of a home up.
  16. Keep your emotions in check during showings and negotiations.  Let go of the emotion you have invested in your home.  Use a businesslike manner and be detached.  This will give you an edge over someone who remains emotionally attached to the property.
  17. Learn why your buyer is motivated to buy.  The better you know your buyer, the more leverage you have to negotiate.  As a rule, buyers are looking to purchase the best affordable property for the least amount of money.   If you  know the buyer needs to move in quickly, this can help you get a better price.
  18. Find out what the buyer can really afford.  Work with buyers who are pre-approved for a home loan so you know exactly how much they are going to finance and how much will be spent as a down payment.
  19. Find out when the buyer would like to close.  Knowledge of a buyer’s deadline for completing negotiations again creates an advantage for you to get the most possible money.
  20. Never sign a contract on your next home until you sell your current one.  Beware of closing on your new home while you’re still making mortgage payments on your current one.  You may find yourself stuck with two mortgage payments.
  21. Moving out before you sell can also put you at a disadvantage.  Empty homes can give the feel of being abandoned or neglected.  Buyers who know you already have another home may feel they have an advantage to negotiate a lower price.
  22. Deadlines create a serious disadvantage.  Don’t try to sell by a certain date.  This adds unnecessary pressure to sell and can cost you thousands of dollars off the asking price
  23. Don’t take a low offer personally.  Invariably the initial offer is below both what you were expecting and what they buyer is actually willing to pay.  Don’t get upset.  Evaluate the offer objectively.  This is merely a starting point for negotiations.
  24. Turn that low offer around.  You can counter a low offer with one that is just under your original asking price.  This lets the buyer know that you don’t take their first offer seriously, but at the same time are going to be flexible.
  25. Find out if the buyer is qualified.  If you feel that an offer is too low, find out if the buyer is qualified to carry a loan equal to your asking price.
  26. Be sure the contract is complete.  To avoid problems, see to it that all terms, costs and responsibilities are spelled out in the contract of sale.  Include everything.  Leave nothing out.  This will eliminate complications later on.
  27. Resist the temptation to deviate from the
      Do not risk the collapse of the sale because of a single, seemingly insignificant deviation from the agreed upon contract.

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Flying Horse, Colorado Springs 80921
By Luther
May 9, 2013

Flying Horse, Colorado Springs 80921

Flying Horse is a countryclub community with a Tom Weiskopf Golf course and world class club. Homes in Flying Horse are range from very affordable townhomes, patio homes and single family homes to high end, the sky's the limit luxury homes.

If you are looking for an exclusive community, stop your search, you just found it. Flying Horse, Colorado  Spring 80921 is on the north end of Colorado Springs yet very close to both I25 and Highway 83 making commutes both north to Denver and south to Colorado Springs an easy commute.

The Club at Flying Horse is not just a world class golf club it features a full size basket ball court, an extensive gym with all the equipment, a full service spa. salt water pool but also features world class dining.

Flying Horse, Colorado Springs 80921 also features a system of walking paths and private parks exclusive to the Flying Horse neighborhood.

Interested in Finding homes for sale in Flying Horse, Colorado Springs 80921? Give us a call at Access Real Estate Professionals Inc 719-310-2404 or visit our webite at . We are Flying Horse, Colorado Springs 80921 experts.


Market Update May 2013, Prices Up and Sales are up
By Luther
May 8, 2013

The number of homes sold was up 18.9% in April. There are currently 3377 active single family listings on the market in the Pikes Peak region compared to 3383 last year at this time a .2% decrease. A decrease in listings on the market helps demand which drives prices up. New listings on the market were up 21.2% which is typical for this time of year. The average sales price is up 6.3% to $235,161.

The median single family sales price is up 11.6% compared to last year in April (same number of homes sold above as below).

There are currently 397 active condo/townhomes listings on the market compared to 425 last year at this time which is a 6.6% decrease. Sales were up 55% compared to last April. The average purchase price for condo/townhomes was up 8.4% to $136,750.

Our year to date average increase in sales so far is 25.1% and the average purchase price has increased 7.9% over last year during the first trimester.

Rates are incredibly low and prices are moving upward. This is a great time to sell and/or buy. It is also a great time to buy that investment property. Visit our website at to view all listings on the MLS.


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Northgate Highlands in Colorado Springs
By Luther
May 13, 2013

Northgate Highlands in Colorado Springs


Welcome to Northgate Highlands, a well planned community in North Colorado Springs. Northgate Highlands is located just north of Northgate Road and about 1 mile east of I25. Northgate Highlands is a great community with  a lot of open space areas that lends itself to mountain views.

Northgate Highlands in Colorado Springs has several open space areas and pathways for all residents to enjoy. There is a 3.5 acre open space area just behind Shrubland Dr also bordering Fox Run and several other cul-de-sac streets. There are also many other open space locations with pathways throughout the neighborhood allowing for private lots and open views. There are a set of ponds in the open space area to the west of Coyote Willow. Just west of the neighborhood is a huge open space area owned by the city of Colorado Springs. These open space areas allow for most homes in the area to have views of the mountains and the Air Force Academy.

The homes in Northgate Highlands are all newer homes built within the last 14 years. The floorplans are modern and and functional for today's active life styles.

If one buys in Northgate Highlands they can buy a membership to the world class Flying Horse club with a Tom Weiskopf Golf course and pay less for their home than buying in the Flying Horse community, giving you the best of both worlds.

Northgate Highlands in Colorado Springs is conveniently located about 1 mile from I25 making it attractive for those that commute to the Denver area; as well as, Colorado Springs or Pueblo. For those that work on the Air Force Academy Northgate Highlands is only 1 mile form the north gate. Less than 2 miles to the east of Northgate Highlands is state Hwy 83 for an easy commute to I470 and the Denver International Airport or to Powers for easy access to the Colorado Springs Airport.

There are always great homes for sale in Northgate Highlands. Check it out at .

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